Scientific, holistic,

What if we were able to regain our mental stability and no longer be
distracted, anxious, tired, worn-out? What if we were able to increase our
performance, become more engaged and sustain positive change?

Our approach, centered around the employee as a versatile individual,
tackles all of these issues holistically with evidence-based therapies and
techniques that could yield a 45% increase in productivity, and 55%
increase in sales.

Why mental health in companies?


Evidence-based methods

The latest discoveries in neuroscience show that the brain is in a
constant evolution and that specific activities impact its growth
and connectedness. Research shows that the mind has the power
to impact the body, influence our feelings, thoughts, actions, and
performance and shape our identity.

These scientific realities, among others, are the foundation of our
timely structured programs. The phases of the programs have
been designed to create multiplying effects and increasing
momentum. Their goal is to facilitate the cumulative acquisition of
skills leading to improved mental health and productivity.

Holistic approach to wellness


Help your employees regain balance
and reach full potential and

Our approach is built on the latest discoveries in psychology,
neuroscience and epigenetics showing that depression and illness
are often related to the environment, the inner dialogue and the
imbalance in the mind, body and spirit.

Consequently, the programs we offer help employees regain this
balance through a holistic approach allowing them to overcome
blockages, fulfill their potential and increase their productivity.

Evidence based solutions


Tracking progress, evolution and

We selected assessments to analyse the initial mental health and
wellbeing state of your employees and help our practitioners adapt
their therapies accordingly. Assessments are also used throughout
the journey to equip the employees with the tools that allow them to
overcome self-sabotage while growing.

Assessments and results driven


Multiple formats to provide wellbeing to your employees


Solutions designed to fit any business

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Evidence-based therapies targeting mind, body and spirit
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Therapies provided by licensed professionals
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Self-care tools
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Employee training
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Wellness Worldwide app
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Confidential & secure
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Assessment and results driven
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Messaging service for daily support from therapists
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Tailored to corporate and post-covid19 challenges
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Human-centered approach
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Flexible and adaptable to suit the employer and the employee
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